dk Point of Sale


dk Point of Sale

dk Pos is a complete, user-friendly and advanced point of sale solution which seamlessly integrates with dk Business Solutions and is easily installed in your business.

The power of integration

The dk Point of Sale system is not just another point of sale system. It is a powerful tool to help you manage your in-store activities. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 stores, the system can integrate all of them to a central point where you can perform detailed analysis of in-store activities to gauge your profits, staff performance, pressure points etc. Operating the system is both fast and easy which facilitates quick processing of sales during the busiest periods.

Take a closer look at dk Point of Sale and see how you can take control of your in-store operations.


dk Point of Sale

dk Pos is a complete, user-friendly and advanced point of sale solution which seamlessly integrates with dk Business Solutions and is easily installed in your business.

Fewer mistakes – increased efficiency

Make your work processes more efficient. With clearly understandable buttons and touch screens you can carry out customer transactions quickly and easily – from item registration to payment. You have access to up to date information directly from your financial system, for example stock levels and information on customers.

Excellence in customer service

Because dk Pos connects with dk Business Solutions, you can view a customers history while they are in the shop. See what they have bought previously, allowing you to recommend relevant products. Personalized follow up makes it easier to sell more to all of your customers, again and again.

Save time and money

dk Pos saves you work. Cash register reconciliations are posted directly into your accounts, while sales are registered directly on the customer contact card in the financial system. All you need to do is to approve the report. Save time and money with automatic posting and at the same time have a better overview of your customers.

Run your shop more professionally

Give your shop a modern point of sale system with a free choice of equipment such as touch screen, printers, customer display and bar code readers. Add in your company logo and chose the information you want displayed on your receipts, invoices and credit notes, giving your shop a consistent and professional image.

Total control of all store activities

The back office part of dk Pos gives the store manager total control of activities within the store and simplifies the management of your sales by time, customer, item, salesperson, and more. This information lets you provide better customer service, plan work hours for your staff and optimize your item range. All of which helps increase profits for your shop.

Maximum resilience – offline configuration

dk Pos can be installed offline providing you with security and great resilience. It remains fully operational in critical situations when network or communications go down. All data will be automatically updated when connection is restored.

dk Point of Sale – Functionality overview

Below is an overview of the key functions.

Processing sales and payments

  • Cash, credit card, invoice, gift vouchers or a combination
  • Print out of receipts and gift vouchers
  • Returns – credit notes or cash
  • Create orders and delivery notes

Simple set up

  • Individual discounts and prices
  • Prices displayed with or without VAT
  • User-defined shortcut keys
  • Discounts
  • Cash withdrawal and deposit
  • Foreign currency handling
  • Option for receipt text
  • Limits for cash sales without ID

Customer and product overview

  • Item list and detailed item card
  • Customer list and detailed customer card
  • Item groups and variation handling
  • Search by item name, EAN code and
  • Warehouse status: stock on hand and delivery time
  • Supports multiple warehouses

Supports external hardware

  • Supports touch screens
  • Separate printers for receipts and reports
  • Set up for customer displays
  • Supports payment terminals
  • Set up for bar code scanners

System administration

  • Automatic log-off for security
  • Reports and status information
  • Integration and synchronization with dk Business Solutions
  • One cash point with no limit on number of users/cash drawers
  • User permission settings for increased security
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Wizard for end of day procedures


dk Point of Sale in action

The dk Point of Sale system is a powerful, fully integrated point of sale solution for retailers, hotels, restaurants and all other businesses that operate a point of sale environment. Its user-friendly interface facilitates fast and easy learning for store staff whilst giving the store manager detailed analysis and control of in-store activities.

Below you will find screenshots of the main features of the system such as front-end till system and the back office analysis.

dk Point of Sale tills

The dk Point of Sale tills are incredibly user friendly and easy to master. Retail firms, restaurants and hotels all tend to have high staff turnover and therefore it is a great advantage to be able to master the system in the shortest time possible.

The till system is linked directly to the back office part of the system but still continues to work when the link is broken, for example because of problems with internet connection. This means that you are able to continue your in-store operations as long as you have electricity and a computer that works.

The till system supports all payment methods and loyalty cards and it can even be connected to a scale, a common feature in supermarket environment.

dk Point of Sale Back Office

The back office part of the dk Point of Sale system is where the magic happens. This is the link between the dk Business Solutions system and the dk Point of Sale tills.

The back office is equipped with a large number of powerful analysis tools whereby you can get an instant, graphical view of how your in-store operation is doing. You are able to analyse sales based on time of day, staff member, highest selling items and item groups to name but a few as well as being able to compare the performance of different tills and stores. All this comes set up when you install the dk Point of Sale system the first time.

A number of our clients have found this particularly useful when planning staff working hours and to forecast demand.

Integration with dk Business Solutions

dk Point of Sale integrates seamlessly with dk Business Solutions which is where you manage and maintain all your products, customers and vendors. This means that the dk Point of Sale is, in fact, a complete solution to run your business from purchases to sales to accounts, all processes that can be fully automated in the system.

The dk Business Solutions system includes various report and analysis functions that have proved very beneficial for our clients. Easy import/export functions to Excel enhance this part of the system even further as does the possibility of integrating dk Business Solutions with a web store allowing you to run a web shop along with your in-store operations, something that is becoming more and more popular in modern business.


How to buy?

If you would like to explore the possibility of purchasing the dk Point of Sale system, you can do so in a number of ways. You can contact us directly via this website or give us a call on +44 (0)1208 560000. Alternatively you can view our partner’s section on this website and locate a partner in your area.


Prices for the system vary depending on a number of factors such as number of stores or complexity level and whether the software is run on a local machine/server or via dk Vistun – our hosting solution.
The pricing table below is only an indicator of our starting prices based on the size of an organisation.
If you would like an accurate quote or a free day of consultancy where we review your current system against dk Point of Sale you can contact us using the aforementioned contact details.