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dk Not for Profit

Have you ever wondered how much easier it would be to manage your finances and accounts within a single system?

With our donations module, you can manage your transactions from the moment you register a donation until you have to report on it in your financial statements. You can also keep a complete registration of your supporters and process your Gift Aid declarations within this single, easy-to-use system. The donations journals are automatically posted to the general ledger creating substantial time efficiencies.

Excellent reporting tools make sure you can get all the information and inquiries you need while the ‘categories’ function allows you to segment your supporters based on whichever criteria you want. This could be for example demographic variables such as region, age, education etc. or based on their interest, hobbies or motives.

Why dk Not for Profit?

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, dk Not for Profit has the right solution for you. Our clients are of various shapes and sizes ranging from one of the largest charities in the UK to some very small ones with only a couple of members of staff. The scalability of the system allows us to serve a broad array of organisations with different operational requirements such as sales, event management, grants, CRM and project billing as well as the more traditional NFP activities such as supporter and member ship management.


dk Not for Profit

In today’s challenging economic climate it is becoming more difficult for NFP organizations to gain and retain supporters, and it is estimated that over £700 millions are lost every year due to inefficient management of Gift-Aid declarations. dk Business Solutions give these organizations an edge by enabling them to manage all aspects of fundraising and donations in what has become an increasingly competitive environment.

Comprehensive solution

dk Business Solutions provide not-for-profit organizations with ‘donation to general ledger’ capabilities, all in one easy-to-use system, including:

  • The seamless management of supporter registration
  • Gift Aid declarations
  • Fundraising management
  • Tax rebate calculations
  • Production of receipt/thank you letters
  • Powerful segmentation, and
  • Sophisticated reporting and analysis tools

The ‘Donations’ module integrates with other dk Business Solutions modules for a seamless transition of information. This not only saves time by eliminating duplication of data entry, but also meets the stringent requirements of today’s widely varying charities and associations by providing an array of fully integrated and efficient accounting and analysis capabilities.


dk Not for Profit in action

The dk Not for Profit system is a powerful solution for not for profit organisations. It can be used for contact management (donors, members and beneficiaries) and keeps track of all donations and other activities related to the contacts.

Below you will find screenshots and descriptions of the most useful parts of the system.

Donations to general ledger

With dk Not for Profit, organisations have a fully integrated solution from when a donation is received straight to the accounts. Because dk Not for Profit is so well integrated, it can safe large amounts of time and money, something that not for profit organisations strive to achieve so that they can spend their income on good causes rather than on internal processes.

The number of modules on offer means that not for profit organisations can run all aspects of their operations, even the extended ones like sales, purchases, project billing and CRM.

dk Not for Profit is truly a complete solution for the not for profit industry.

Gift Aid tax rebate

Not only does dk seamlessly integrate donations management with accounts but it has a function where it can automatically calculate Gift Aid tax rebate. Not for profit organisations employ a number of part time staff and volunteers to help with the operations and operational efficiency is crucial to being able to run a successful not for profit organisation. Once you have run the process to calculate the tax rebate, the system prepares the R68 form with a click of a button.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Whether you are a charity, an association or any other type of organisation that deals with members, donors and beneficiaries, not to mention customers and vendors, dk Not for Profit is the complete solution for you. You can manage all your marketing campaigns, email correspondence and pipelines as well as segmenting your contact based on any criteria you wish.

The contact management modules are directly linked with donations, grants and membership fees and a range of reports and analysis are available.


How to buy?

If you would like to explore the possibility of purchasing the dk Not for Profit system, you can do so in a number of ways. You can contact us directly via this website or give us a call on +44 (0)1208 560000. Alternatively you can view our partner’s section on this website and locate a partner in your area.


Prices for the system vary depending on a number of factors such as number of users, complexity level and whether the software is run on a local machine/server or via dk Vistun – our hosting solution.

The pricing table below is only an indicator of our starting prices based on the size of an organisation.

If you would like an accurate quote or a free day of consultancy where we review your current system against dk Business Solutions you can contact us using the aforementioned contact details.