The Complete Solution

dk Business Solutions is a highly integrated modular software system that provides small and medium sized businesses and not for profit organisations with a user-friendly, all-in-one solution for their finances, CRM and point of sale operations.

Along with these core functionalities, we offer various solutions created specifically for the key industries we operate in.

Our goal is to provide an easier way to run a business through the integration and streamlining of processes whilst giving key decision makers the complete overview through our powerful business intelligence facilities found in each module of the system.

For more detailed information on our products, you can browse the left menu bar on the website or click the following links:

Our Products

dk Business Solutions

A fully integrated accounting and ERP solution for all types of businesses. Click on the link above to see a full list of modules on offer.

dk Point of Sale

A powerful point of sale solution for retailers, restaurants and other types of businesses that require a system to control their in-store operations.

dk Not for Profit

Our specialist solution for the charities and not-for-profit market includes donations and donor management, automatic Gift-Aid processing and other functions specially designed for charities and not-for-profit organisations.


The right solution for your business

dk Business Solutions is a powerful, all-in-one ERP solution for your finances, CRM and point of sale activities. With a large number of modules the system can provide you with a complete solution for your:

  • Finances
  • Trade
  • Logistics
  • CRM
  • Events
  • Donations
  • Projects
  • Business Intelligence

Why choose dk?

It is not only the functionality and speed in which the system operates that sets us apart from the competition but rather the powerful reporting and analysis tools.

Increasing competition and speed in business transactions imposes growing demands on company managers. They need comprehensive overview and must be able to respond quickly when necessary. In order to make informed decisions a manager needs information. This information has to be accessible, easily obtained and must give the manager essential overview.

This is what sets dk apart from the rest.

A system that grows with your company

With dk Business Solutions, the full range of functionality is delivered in the first installation. Unused functionality remains hidden until the need arises and is activated by simply entering the appropriate licence code into the system. You only pay for functionality and capacity you use. This way the system can grow with your company without having to go through a long winded implementation process which costs both time and money.


More information

dk Business Solutions, dk Point of Sale and dk Not for Profit together make up the complete solution. The products integrate seamlessly together and make up one powerful solution for a large variety of businesses. The system can be run either on a local machine/server or via our hosting solution dk Vistun.

You will find more detailed information and demonstrations about each product in their respective section on this website.


How to buy?

dk Software offers a number of ways to buy the dk Business Solutions system. Prices vary depending on products and the selection of system modules and features.

The system can be purchased  directly from us or via our network of partners.

You can see the starting prices for each product by clicking on the respective product section on the left hand side of this page.