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Retail & Hospitality

The last few years have seen us expand rapidly within the retail and hospitality sector. This is mainly thanks to our powerful dk Point of Sale (dk POS) system with its user-friendly interface on the front tills and powerful analysis tools in the back office. With over 700 customers, some of which are big, international brands, our system is constantly improving and new features are being added regularly.

One of our most recent developments has been the dk Mobile | Hospitality application for Apple devices. This is a mobile ordering app for hospitality companies that can streamline the process from table to kitchen significantly.

Read more how we operate within different sectors in the sections below.


The restaurant market is one of our fastest growing markets. The dk POS system is the perfect tool to run the operational side of a restaurant with its table management and user friendly interface.

It is extremely important for busy restaurants that their point of sale operations run smoothly and integrate with all the operational aspects such as kitchen, table bookings etc. The system’s processing speed ensures fast and easy settlement of bills.

We never stand still and in order to stand out from our competitors we’re constantly introducing new features and applications. One of our latest addition is the dk Mobile | Hospitality application which is a mobile ordering application that works on Apple devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch. Say goodbye to the old „pen and paper“ method of taking order and take down the orders in style using state of the art equipment and software. The order is sent directly to the kitchen printer which means you can provide quicker services and increase the turnaround time on the tables in your restaurant.


The retail sector is a field that has been suffering heavily since the recession hit in 2008. During this time, dk has managed to grow steadily in the retail sector, mainly thanks to our powerful dk POS – point of sale solution.

The dk POS solution allows retailers to get a complete overview and breakdown of their sales, staff performance, store comparisons etc. creating a platform where senior management can effectively control their store activities.

Our clients operate in various demanding markets and range from being supermarkets to fashion retailers – bakeries to bookshops.

In addition, the integrative nature of dk POS and dk Business Solutions makes it perfect for multi-location chains as it even includes a consolidation facility.


The hotel industry faces multiple challenges in regards of appropriate system’s configuration. Because of the variety of activities involved in running a hotel, it is a common sight to see hotels run a number of different systems to deal with the varied aspects of hotel operations. As an example of this, a hotel needs to be able to manage room bookings, restaurant and bar, and conferencing on top of doing their accounts for everything. This is why the multiple system conundrum can be a big issue in the industry as the risk of double entry of data and manual errors somewhere in the work flow is enormous. Many hotels have tried to integrate all the systems together with mixed success not to mention the financial output required.

It is in the light of the aforementioned that the benefits of the dk Business Solutions system as well as dk Point of Sale are so valuable to the hotel industry. With dk you are able to run all aspects of your operations whether it is room bookings, conference and events management, point of sale and restaurant management along with the financial management of the company. The seamless integration of modules ensures that the risk of double entry is minimised and because it is all within a single platform, it gives key decision makers the ability to gain the complete overview of all aspects of their operations.

You could say that you are investing in savings when you choose the dk solution for hotels, not just cost savings but time savings as well.


How can we help your business?

The retail and hospitality industries were hit hard during the global recession. With fierce competition in the marketplace, it has never been more important to run your in-store operations more effectively. dk Business Solutions and dk POS together make up the complete solution for retail and hospitality companies. Whether you run one outlet or one hundred, dk is able to help you integrate your operations and get the perfect overview through various aspects of the system. With staff turnover generally high, the dk POS till interface provides a user friendly solution that is easy to operate reducing the time needed to train up new members of staff.

The perfect tool for key decision makers

The dk POS back office is the perfect tool for key decision makers to analyse in store activities as it features comprehensive analysis functionality whereby you can analyse sales based on a large number of criteria such as:

  • Sales by store
  • Sales by salesperson
  • Highest selling items
  • Items with highest margin
  • Sales by time of day
  • And much more

These analysis tools allow the key decision makers to run their operations more efficiently as they can monitor staff performance, identify pressure points and arrange shifts and number of staff required accordingly. The graphical interface of the analysis features means it is easy to get a clear picture of development which will ultimately result in a better run business.


dk in action

You can see a demonstration of system features in the relevant product section. For retail firms this usually means the dk Point of Sale system.

If you would like us to be in contact with you or if you are interested in having us demonstrate the system to you live you can click here.


How to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing the dk Business Solutions system for your business, please refer to the product section for more details. Retail firms usually go for a the dk Point of Sale system and prices vary depending on the number of tills, size of the organisation and complexity level of the implementation.

If you would like us to be in contact with you or receive a quote you can click here.