Not for Profit


Charities & Not for Profits

Ever since dk arrived in the UK it has been servicing the charity and not-for-profit markets. With a large number of clients of various shapes and sizes, ranging from a top 50 UK charity down to very small ones, dk has continued to grow in the market, mainly through its powerful donations module.

The donations module allows companies to manage their supporters and donations as well as automatically calculating Gift Aid. This is further enhanced by other system modules making it an all-in-one solution for charities.

By using dk, charities are able to run every aspect of their operation whether it is related to their donor management, sales, CRM or financial management and now this can all be done in the cloud using dk Vistun.


How can we help your organisation?

dk Not for Profit provides not for profit organisations with a powerful, all-in-one solution for their operations. Many not for profit organisations are probably familiar with spending large amounts on CRM and accounting systems that are full of functionality but only a small percentage is being used which does not represent good value for money. Our goal is to offer a complete package that focuses on doing things simply while offering all they key functionality required to run a not for profit organisation. We focus on doing things the easy way so that our customers can become self-sustainable in terms of using the system and make training new staff a quick and painless process.

A fully blown accounting and CRM system

The dk Not for Profit system offers a complete solution for your managing your contacts whether they are your customers, members, beneficiaries or donors, and within each area you will find means to manage and track donations, gift aid declarations and related activities. User categories can be used to segment your contacts into segments based on whichever criteria you prefer such as age, interests and occupation, or simply whatever you can think of, sky is the limit here.

A feature in the system that has proved extremely popular among not for profit organisations it the ability to automatically calculate Gift Aid tax rebate. This feature was designed in close collaboration with our clients in the UK and works extremely well. Maintaining information in the system is very easy and it is truly a system that grows with your organisation.

On top of this we offer various extended functionality such as project management, events- and room bookings, sales, purchases, inventory and all the other functionality on offer in the dk Business Solutions system.


dk in action

You can see a demonstration of system features in the relevant product section. For not for profit organisations this usually means the dk Not for Profit system but depending on your needs could also involve dk Point of Sale and dk Business Solutions.

If you would like us to be in contact with you or if you are interested in having us demonstrate the system to you live you can click here.


How to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing the dk Business Solutions system for your organisation, please refer to the product section for more details. Not for profit organisations usually go for the dk Not for Profit system but depending on the nature of the organisation there is a good possibility that dk Point of Sale and dk Business Solutions is involved to some extend as well. Prices vary depending on the modules selected, size of the organisation and complexity level of the implementation.

If you would like us to be in contact with you or receive a quote you can click here.