The distribution industry

Over the last couple of years we have managed to establish a firm foothold in the distribution industry. This is mainly due to fact that by choosing dk, companies can get a system where they can manage features such as:

  • Inventory
  • Sales (incl. point of sale)
  • WOP
  • Warehouse locations
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts
  • CRM
  • EDI and web integration

A key success factor is dk´s powerful reporting and analysis tools that can be found in every module of the system giving key decision makers the complete overview of operations.

One of the key markets within the distribution industry is the fasteners market where our reputation has grown rapidly in the last few year. We have been featured in the Fastener + Fixings magazine a number of times over the last couple of years. If you want to have a closer look at what they are saying about us you can click here.


How can we help your distribution business?

Over the years we have been able to build up a powerful solution for distribution companies. In an industry where stock management is key to a successful operation, the dk Business Solutions system has been designed in close collaboration with our customers in the field. This means that the system reflects the way processes work in the real world and support and enhance the work flow experienced by businesses in the field.

With a large number of customers in the distribution industry, we have gathered extensive knowledge of how best to do things and how to add value to our customers through our solutions

An easy way to increase effectiveness and efficiency

When you are a distributor operating in a competitive market your ability to analyse your margin is key to running an efficient operation. This is especially true when you are a distributor of tiny objects such as in the fastener market where you are likely to have thousands of products in your inventory, many of them with a selling price well below a pound. We have created a large number of options to both analyse and manage how you treat your products when buying and selling such as being able to set a minimum line charge and always have the relevant information on hand when you are in the process of entering sales or purchase orders.

Powerful analysis tools ensure you are always able to identify your best sellers, highest margins and of equal importance, your worst performers. Together this give you the complete pictures of how efficient your business is.

But what about effectiveness?

A famous quote goes like this: Before you build better mousetraps, make sure there are any mice out there! With dk’s analysis tools you are able to identify your best/worst customers and react accordingly. dk Business Solutions is even equipped with a CRM module where you can interact with your customers on a regular basis, manage marketing campaigns and control email correspondence such as price lists and special offers. This way, dk can help you become more effective as you are able to focus on your best clients, take appropriate actions with your other clients and configure special prices or customer segments for each customer.


dk in action

You can see a demonstration of system features in the relevant product section. For distribution firms this usually means the dk Business Solutions system.

If you would like us to be in contact with you or if you are interested in having us demonstrate the system to you live you can click here.


How to buy?

If you are interested in purchasing the dk Business Solutions system for your business, please refer to the product section for more details. Distribution firms usually go for the dk Business Solutions system and prices vary depending on the modules selected, size of the organisation, complexity level of the implementation and whether or not any customisation is needed to configure the system.

If you would like us to be in contact with you or receive a quote you can click here.