Accountants and bookkeepers

Ever since dk was launched one of our key markets has been accountants and bookkeepers. Not only have they been using the system for their own operations and that of their clients but giving us valuable advice on how the financial aspects of the system are constructed. Our clients include global leaders in the industry such as KPMG, PwC and Grant-Thornton in Iceland as well as a large number of smaller accountancy firms.

In recent years it has been a growing trend within the accountancy practise to run dk Business Solutions via our hosted solution, dk Vistun. This has now reached a point where it has almost become a standard in the industry.

Our clients claim that by using dk Vistun, they have been able to improve their client retention and raise customer satisfaction levels in general. This is because they have been able to create a closer working environment with their own customers where they are capable of running their own operations such as sales, purchases and inventory management while leaving the financials to the accountants.