Key Benefits

dkVistun is the complete hosting solution where you can run dk Business Solutions, Microsoft Office and various other software packages as well as storing all your company’s data in a highly secure facility. We can take care of all aspects of your operations including emails, website hosting and various types of web integration, for example with an online membership database, online webstore etc.

By using dk Vistun you are eliminating the need to invest in costly software and hardware since we provide all the IT infrastructure. This means that your operating cost becomes much more predictable and allows you to focus on your core business activity. Furthermore, you eliminate the need for expensive IT support as it is all included in the dkVistun service.


Information Technology Simplified

When you use dkVistun you are leaving the information technology to the experts. Whether you are an accountant, retailer, restaurant, charity or something else, the success of your operations depends on your ability to create a competitive advantage relative to your competitors. Unless your business is one who focuses on information technology, you could well do without the time and cost that goes into setting up and maintaining the required IT infrastructure.

By choosing dkVistun you are gaining access to top-of-the-range facilities and expertise for a fraction of the cost it would take to build one up in-house. This gives you room to focus on the core aspects of your operation and maintain your competitive advantage.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Building up an IT infrastructure can be a costly, time consuming task. For some organisations, especially small and medium sized businesses and charities, this is almost an impossible task. Not only is the investment in hardware a significant outlay but the need to recruit IT personnel to manage and maintain the equipment can be even greater.

With dkVistun you are gaining access to world class facilities and IT expertise for a fraction of the price it would cost you to build one up in-house. You are able to manage IT cost more effectively with monthly subscribtions while at the same time increase the lifespan of your current hardware significantly as hardware requirements are generally lower when you work from a hosted environment because that is where most of the processing happens. All you need is a reliable internet connection.


Increased Security

One of the key benefits of using dkVistun is the increased security it gives your operations. For us, the safety of our client’s data and software is of the utmost importance. We ensure that it is kept safe using equipment and machinery of the highest standards available. Our datacentre is equipped with a state-of-the-art data connection technology, backup power supply, access controls, virus protections, water and fire protection as well as being under constant surveillance by highly skilled technical experts 24/7.

dkVistun takes care of data copying and the software gets updated automatically which gives increased security to the business operations.


Increased Flexibility

Investing in technology can be tricky because of the speed of change in the environment. Many companies require specialist assistance before making a purchase as it can be tricky to establish what the requirements are and in every step of the decision making process more costs are added to the total outlay as a result.

When you use dkVistun you are guaranteed that you are alwas operating on the latest editions of software packages running on the best equipment available. This allows you to move with the times and be competitive when it comes to IT infrastructure.