In the dynamic, fast paced environment of modern business, simplicity has become a key concept. We have been offering our hosting services, dkVistun to our clients ever since 2006. dkVistun users today are around 3000, a number that is rapidly increasing.

dkVistun offers a complete data and software hosting service. Our services can be accessed from anywhere in the world over the internet which has its obvious benefits.

For us, the safety of the client’s data and software is of the utmost importance. We ensure that it is kept safe using equipment and machinery of the highest standards available. Furthermore, our data storage facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art data connection technology, backup power supply, access controls, virus protections, water and fire protection as well as being under constant surveillance by highly skilled technical experts 24/7.

dkVistun takes care of data copying and the software gets updated automatically which gives increased security to the business operations. It is therefore safe to say that with the use of dkVistun, the cost of hardware becomes more predictable for the company.